Making a New House Feel Like Home–Crystal’s Story

Crystal and her three sons recently moved into a newly renovated 3-bedroom apartment. The Impact-owned apartment building is in a quiet residential area with great schools and lots of amenities.

Before moving into Impact housing, Crystal and her children lived in a homeless shelter for a year and a half. They lived in one room with a small kitchenette and an unusable stove.

After not being able to cook for so long, Crystal is looking forward to planting a garden in the spring. “Everything I cook includes onions and green pepper and it will be wonderful to have my own vegetables in the back yard.”

Her sons are also doing well in their new home. They are adjusting to their new schools and are trying new things. Her eldest son is planning on trying out for the basketball team, while her middle son is learning to play the trombone.

At home, Crystal and her sons are enjoying their newfound space and amenities. “I just love my new home,” says Crystal. “Everything is brand-new, and I have 2 refrigerators!” Meanwhile, her sons are thrilled that “they don’t have to pay to wash their clothes or wait in line at the shelter for a washer and dryer.”