Griselda’s Story


My name is Griselda… In January Im gonna have six years living here in this program, you know in my apartment. Now I’m a different person. Before I was ferocious, I was depressed, I was an alcoholic. I grew up in a lot of violence and I grew up angry, you know, I almost died of drinking.

First, I went to Utah cause I was in a nursing home I had no place to live so they put me in a nursing home. Then, I decided to stop, you know, I stopped drinking for about a year then I went back to drink again.

If it wouldn’t be because of this program I don’t know where i would be right now I have a roof its my place my life has changed a lot. I prayed for many years asking for forgiveness for the abuse that i also gave my kids. I have the answer you still have them you can still give them love and then I say “wow!” you know I never thought I was gonna have the answer and I change with my kids. I have one son that doesn’t talk to me because of that you know but one day he will talk to me you know I pray for it and we’ll see what happens. this program has helped me a lot to change. My temper begin to change now I’m at peace. The help that I have from my clinician which is great, Fallon is a wonderful person very patient. you know anything I need they’re there for me. Fallon is always here for me I work in downtown Evanston I work for gap, Im very happy there. what else can i have or what else can I ask for me I’m happy the way I am. I only want what i need to live every day because tomorrow I don’t know if I’m going to be here but today I have everything I need and I’m grateful for that thanks to Impact.