Grant’s Story

Man with apron

After spending 18 months out of work since getting furloughed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Grant was eager to start working again. But like many others during the past year, the stressors and continued isolation of pandemic were wearing on him.

After so many months at home, the thought of re-engaging with the outside world left Grant feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Grant’s therapist referred him to Impact’s Employment Program for help finding employment and mentally preparing to rejoin the workforce. Grant’s employment specialist, Maddy, provided him with resume assistance, job leads, and valuable feedback during his job search and interview preparation.

Grant has an art degree and a lifelong love of comics and illustration and was looking for a job in a creative-adjacent field that would allow him to stay connected to his passions. Maddy worked with Grant to research jobs and narrow down his options.  After just a few months of applying for jobs, Grant got an interview at an art supply store and was quickly hired.

In his new role, Grant feels capable and confident. He is finding fulfillment socializing with customers and helping them with their creative projects. And he is incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement he received through Impact’s Employment Program.