Gaining confidence and purpose–John’s story

Living with a mental illness and chronic health issues, John had been unemployed since 1999. All his previous jobs he had gotten through family members. He was referred to Impact’s Employment Program by his nurse at a community health center.

Though they could only meet virtually, John and his Employment Specialist Amanda immediately hit it off and developed a great rapport. Working together, John strengthened skills: completing job applications, practicing interviewing, and gaining confidence. They developed a plan guided by his specific needs and goals.

“It felt so good to actually get a job on my own.”

John, Employment Program participant

Now, John has been successfully employed as a cook for six months. He was very upfront with his boss about his mental health challenges. He enjoys his work and appreciates his boss’s support. If John gets frustrated on the job or takes things too personally his boss will tell him to go to the back room and take a break.  In fact, he recently was named Employee of the Month!