Forging a New Path: Quinn’s Story

A guiding principle of the Employment Program is to use participants’ existing skills and experience in finding meaningful employment. Quinn’s story shows that the journey in figuring out how your passions and talents can translate into employment is just as important as the destination.

Quinn, who uses they/them pronouns, has always had a passion for the arts. They enjoy painting, graphic design, making music, and video production. However, turning creativity and passion for art into a career can be challenging.

Quinn was struggling to find employment and was referred to Impact’s Employment Services Program by their
therapist. They quickly built a strong rapport with their Employment Specialist, Rachel.

While looking for a job, Rachel encouraged Quinn pursue opportunities to create art. Quinn wrote a grant for a community-based art showcase, receiving $1,000 for a series of portraits showcasing the beauty of diverse bodies and featuring plus-size, disabled, women, trans, non-binary, and BIPOC subjects. Additionally, Rachel helped Quinn leverage a volunteer job into a paid freelance graphic design gig.

Currently, Quinn is working part-time in retail to pay the bills while they look for a perfect job with time to engage in their passions. They feel much more comfortable and confident with resume writing and the interview process. Rachel conducted mock interviews with them and gave suggestions on answers, helping Quinn find the right words to convey their skills and experience.

“I’ve learned how to talk about my strengths and how to turn weaknesses into strengths.”

Quinn, Employment Program participant