Diane and Michael Morrow

A Thankful Family—Mary Pat’s Story

Mary Pat started experiencing symptoms of mental illness in her 20s, and bounced between apartments, treatment programs, and abusive relationships for several decades. Michael and his other siblings did what they could to support Mary Pat, but she continued to struggle with her mental health and living independently.

When Mary Pat was in her 40s, she entered Impact’s Housing Services Program. At Impact, she had an attentive clinician, therapeutic services, and a welcoming community.

After decades of stress and worry, the supportive environment of Impact was a huge relief for Mary Pat and the family that cared about her. While in Impact, Mary Pat flourished, rediscovering her creativity and passions, plus gaining access to consistent clinical and nursing support.

Eventually, Mary Pat’s physical health declined, and she moved to a nursing home until she passed away in 2020. Her family remains incredibly grateful of the stability, friendship, and joy she found over her many years at Impact.