Safe and at Peace through the Family Permanent Supportive Housing Program

This image displays a family room with gray-blue walls, a picture rail with white walls above it, and two windows show brick buildings across the street. The family room contains two lamps with white shades, a grey sectional, a circular coffee table, a rug with a subtle grey and brown pattern, a turquoise chair and a side table. The floors are a golden-brown wood.

This image depicts an example of a family room in one of Impact’s family units.

Launched in 2021, the Family Permanent Supportive Housing Program provides permanent supportive housing to low-income families at imminent risk of homelessness in which the head of household is living with a mental illness. 

Historically, Impact’s buildings have been multi-bedroom units with participants living in roommate situations. In 2021, with the help of The Reva and David Logan Foundation we acquired a building with six single-bedroom units. This allowed us to transition roommates into their own apartments while repurposing the multi-bedroom units into family housing. Additionally, we completed construction on the new 16-unit Lanam Rapp Building in Skokie, further expanding the family program. The initial phase of our family program will provide homes for 8 families. Families can remain in the program until their youngest child is 24 years old. 

We are pleased to announce that a sixth family just moved into their own home in Evanston!  We have provided permanent supportive housing to 6 adults and 17 children through the family program.

Impact’s housing team is hard at work ensuring warm, welcoming environments for our participants. We anticipate that the family program will be at capacity in the next few months. 

Catching up with Cynthia 

Cynthia, a loving mother who would do anything for her children, learned about Impact when she was seeking employment with the help of an Impact Employment Specialist.

“I was struggling to find a better job and my lease was due to end in a few months,” reflected Cynthia. “I had no idea where we were going to live next.”

Cynthia and her family moved into their Impact house over 2 years ago.

“It’s through Impact that I now have the most beautiful house, where my children and I are safe and at peace.” 

A woman with black, long, wavy hair wearing a blue sleeveless dress stands behind a podium with a microphone addressing a crowd of people.

Cynthia shares her story with a group of Impact supporters.

Cynthia is now working as a caregiver in a memory care unit at a facility in Evanston. She exudes pride for her family, and herself. 

She told us that she’s noticed how much her children are thriving with a stable home. “Their self-esteem has increased,” Cynthia explained. “It shows in their grades, and their personalities flourish each day without the added worry of homelessness.” 

Cynthia plans to return to school this year to pursue an associates degree in nursing. 

To learn more about Impact’s Family Permanent Supportive Housing program, click here.