Meet Impact’s Board Fellow Scholar: Soledad Errazuriz Vergara

Impact is pleased to announce that Soledad Errazuriz Vergara will be serving as an ex-officio board member through the Northwestern University Kellogg Business School of Management Board Fellow Scholars pilot program. This innovative program gives scholars the opportunity to sit on a nonprofit board as a non-voting member while they complete their MBA program through May 2023.

We are thrilled to be hosting Soledad, and supporting Kellogg’s presence in the local nonprofit community.

Soledad hails from Chile and has experience working in Finance and Investor Relations.

Soledad is passionate about creating a positive impact in the lives of individuals with mental illness and feels deeply connected to the work of Impact Behavioral Health Partners. She is eager to learn more about Impact’s programs and services and contribute her skills and expertise to support your mission.

Through this experience, Soledad is excited to gain a first-hand experience in how non-profit organizations are managed, how they build awareness in the surrounding community to maximize impact, and how they raise funds.