Everyone has a story to tell. Hear the unique stories of Impact participants to help end the stigma of mental illness and understand that a stable, independent, meaningful life is possible with support from programs like Impact’s.

Forging a New Path: Quinn’s Story

A guiding principle of the Employment Program is to use participants’ existing skills and experience in finding meaningful employment. Quinn’s story shows that the journey ... Read More >

Making a New House Feel Like Home–Crystal’s Story

If you met Crystal you’d say she was determined, tenacious and probably doesn’t take no for an answer. She’s also a loving mother of three ... Read More >

Finding Housing, Gaining Insight–Karl’s Story

Before moving into an apartment with Impact, Karl spent almost two years at a homeless shelter. Like many members of the working poor, Karl couldn’t ... Read More >

Grant’s Story

After spending 18 months out of work since getting furloughed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Grant was eager to start working again. But ... Read More >

Gaining confidence and purpose–John’s story

Living with a mental illness and chronic health issues, John had been unemployed since 1999. All his previous jobs he had gotten through family members ... Read More >

A Thankful Family—Mary Pat’s Story

Mary Pat started experiencing symptoms of mental illness in her 20s, and bounced between apartments, treatment programs, and abusive relationships for several decades. Michael and ... Read More >

Jane’s Story

Jane has been a participant with Impact for over 10 years. She came to Impact to get support with being more independent in her living ... Read More >

Michelle’s Story

Michelle sat down with Impact to talk about her favorite things about her apartment, her time at Impact and the people that she works with ... Read More >

Jason’s Story

Jason emigrated from Ethiopia to the U.S. at the age of 7. Jason experienced significant trauma at an early age. His father was executed for ... Read More >

Griselda’s Story

Transcript My name is Griselda… In January Im gonna have six years living here in this program, you know in my apartment. Now I’m a ... Read More >