Housing Program Helps Evanston Family Avoid Homelessness

This week, a day before losing their apartment, an Evanston family with school-age children moved into Impact’s new Family Supportive Housing Program.

The Family Supportive Housing Program provides long-term housing and access to clinical and employment services for families with children where an adult household member is living with a mental illness. With a permanent roof over their heads, family members have space and time to work towards stability, healing, and improving long-term mental health.

Impact staff also work with Evanston School District 65 staff, local homeless service providers, and youth service agencies. This ensures children have a smooth transition to their new home and can utilize the resources they need.

The Family Supportive Housing Program launched in response to more families experiencing housing insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Impact’s program helps fill a gap in the social service safety net by providing housing support to families before they become homeless.

Even one night of homelessness has profoundly negative consequences for children. Any amount of homelessness increases the risk of developmental delays, dropping out of school, and future mental illness. The Family Supportive Housing will directly prevent these outcomes and set Evanston families up for future success.