Patti Capouch Headshot

Patti Capouch

Executive Director

Vince Heneghan Headshot

Vince Heneghan

Director of Operations

Mary Ann Kearns Headshot

Mary Ann Kearns

Director of Finance

Laurie Flanagan Headshot

Laurie Flanagan

Director of Development

Christoper Knoper Headshot

Christoper Knoper, LCSW

Director of Participant Services


Lauren Smith Headshot

Lauren Warsaw, LCSW

Clinical Program Manager

Angela Campbell Headshot

Angela Campbell, LCPC


Maria Moreno Headshot

Maria Moreno, RN

Program Nurse

Ana Poulos Headshot

Ana Poulos

Clinical Supervisor

Tiana Smith Headshot

Tiana Smith


Briana Hornsby Headshot

Briana Hornsby

Clinician & Intake Coordinator

Mary Faith Vaughan



Anna Sack Headshot

Anna Sack, LSW

Employment Program Manager

Melissa Chavez Mizener Headshot

Melissa Chavez Mizener, LPC

Employment Program Supervisor

Nathaly Shammo Headshot

Nathaly Shammo

Employment Specialist

Paige Lauerman Headshot

Paige Lauerman, LSW

Employment Program Supervisor

Maddy Austin Headshot

Maddy Austin

Employment Program Supervisor

Abigail Valdez Headshot

Abigail Valdez

Research Coordinator, BEES

Rachel Staudenbaur Headshot

Rachel Staudenbaur

Employment Specialist

Michelle Bonnici Headshot

Michelle Bonnici

Employment Specialist

Mark Figley Headshot

Mark Figley

Employment Specialist

Amanda Turner Headshot

Amanda Turner

Employment Specialist

Sarah Tucci Headshot

Sara Tucci

Employment Specialist

Alondra Solis

Employment Specialist

Rachel Slowik

Employment Specialist

Julissa Bustamante

Employment Specialist

Marian Sanchez

Employment Specialist

Oumar Keita

Employment Specialist

Miriana Scatola

Employment Specialist

Bryanna Davis

Employment Specialist

Housing & Operations

Diane Bordwell Headshot

Diane Bordwell

Housing Coordinator

Ron Harlow Headshot

Ron Harlow

Operations Supervisor

Andreea Mihu Headshot

Andreea Mihu

Accounting Assistant

Kevin Zepeda Headshot

Kevin Zepeda

Housing Stability Specialist

Elena Larson Headshot

Elena Larson

Development Manager

Julie Fonseca

Administrative Specialist

Alisia Boyce

Housing Support Associate