Board of Directors

Don Pollak is pictured outdoors, wearing a navy blazer, checkered button up shirt, and a red tie.

Don Pollak


Molly Neuleib Headshot

Molly Morrison

Vice President

Peter Michaels Headshot

Peter Michaels


Carol Henes Headshot

Carol Henes


Kathleen Gillespie Headshot

Kathleen Gillespie

Renee Lanam Headshot

Renee Lanam

Anne Chodzko Headshot

Anne Chodzko, PhD

Daniel Smith Headshot

Daniel Smith

Jeanne Tromp Headshot

Jeanne Tromp

Erika Grinius Headshot

Erika Grinius

Pedro de Jesus Headshot

Pedro de Jesus

Catherine Howlett Headshot

Catherine Howlett